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The team leader for Source to Pay will be more involved in the team management towards delivery with the high customer satisfaction and service level agreement especially for the procurement services. Working in a professional team environment, with the Senior Team Leader, the focus will be more driven towards 24/7 service window with the expected delivery level.


The team leader will be involved very close with the senior team leader and will do the calibration with the Service Delivery Leader and GSO (Global Service Owner) who assigns services to this unit to get expected performance.


The responsibility will be inclined in two directions “Service Performance” and “Team Performance”. Also they will be coordinating between different vendors which are involved in the license procurement and order amangement


Service Performance:

Service Execution: Takes responsibility to build up the team in a way that all agreed SLAs and KPIs in the SSP can be executed and delivered along with the definitions at any point in time and without interruption. Acts as interface and action owner for all escalations from the subsidiaries, taking responsibility to get escalations solved in time and documented in a way that it can be used by Service Delivery Leader for service improvements and adjustments


Service Quality: Constantly monitors the performance of all assigned services, create meaningful reports for the Director Support services which shows the performance of the services. 



Team Performance:


People Recruitment à Proactively plans the organization in a way that all services can be performed without interruption and in accordance with the SSPs. Requests new headcounts early for service growth and attrition. Works closely together with the HR Department along the SLAs set in the People Recruitment Process.


People Development à Sets smart quarterly goals for all assigned team members along with the SDL, reviews performance on a monthly base and find areas to improve and develop individual performance. Monitors the progress of the individual team members against the GSDC C3 Certification Program.


People Retention à Constantly monitors individual behavior of the assigned team members along the GSDC Employee Handbook and other internal policies. Identify high performers and build them up as role models, support average and low performers on improving their skills and capabilities.



  • Strong understanding of Procurement & Vendor Management
  • Ownership and Accountability especially when it relates to their team and take responsibility for appropriately delegated aspects of it; maintain industry standards
  • Thorough understanding of order and invoice managemnt
  • Thorough understanding and ability to implement the client requirement as per demand
  • Excellent in MS office application
  • Outstanding Communication Skills and Email Writing Skills
  • At least 4-6 years of experience in service oriented environment with a minimum of 3 years of experience as a team leader with assigned direct report (managing team leaders and individual contributors)
  • MBA or Equivalent certificate in business related topic. 
  • Candidate must possess excellent demonstrated decision-making, problem solving and negotiating skills
  • Experience in managing highly-skilled resources and leveraging those resources to drive service delivery Knowledge/Expertise